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 RGC Egypt Tournemnt Brackets Are Up :-

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RGC Egypt Tournemnt Brackets Are Up :- Empty
PostSubject: RGC Egypt Tournemnt Brackets Are Up :-   RGC Egypt Tournemnt Brackets Are Up :- EmptyFri Oct 14, 2011 10:51 am

RGC Egypt Tournemnt Brackets Are Up Now As U see The board You Have 5 Days As A dead Line For You To Play The Game


Which Means Tourny 1st Round ( EGYPT TIME ) Start Day :

Saturday From : 2pm > 2am


Thursday : 3pm : 12am

[size=18]You Will Contact Your Verse Team on Rgc or Get his mail from here : https://rgcegypt.forumegypt.net/t21-approved-teams-for-now

Every Round Have Dead Line For 3-4Days

Place : EGYPT ROOM in Rgc client ofc.

Also Loses Will Have other Chance and they will bE moved to loser Brackets

Round one : Best of One

Starting from Round two to Finals : Best Of 3

Final Game : Best of 5

Losers Rounds : Best of One

Losers Final : Best Of 3

If You Play Be sure To Post The Replay Here :


Game Host must be name of opptents

for example :

!host MYM vs. Navi`

Again bRackets Below


Be Sure To Pm Admins or Head admin in The room to host u The Game

and Make it Live By let staff type

!wtvorga RGC
!wtvdelay 30 (game delay in seconds)
And Games will be streamed at http://www.waaaghtv.com/en/

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RGC Egypt Tournemnt Brackets Are Up :-
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