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 Head admin : S!r^_-BuTche[R]

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Head Admin
Head Admin

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Head admin : S!r^_-BuTche[R] Empty
PostSubject: Head admin : S!r^_-BuTche[R]   Head admin : S!r^_-BuTche[R] EmptyTue Aug 23, 2011 1:32 pm

◆Personal Information◆

Full Name: Mahmoud Mohammed Shater
Year Born: 1990
Country : Egypt


Food : Pizza , SeaFood , Chicken

Drink : Mango , Orange

Music : Queen Evanescence(aka AMY-LEE) and Hiphop / Rap .

Movie : HillsHaveEyes and Horror movies within all types .

Hobbies: Sport And Chill , hang-out .

◆Dota Related◆

RGC Username: S!r^_-BuTche[R]
Best Agility Hero:Mirana,ShadowFiend,Morphiling
Best Strength Hero:Earthshaker,Axe,Huskar
Best Intelligence Hero:lion,Invoker,Windrunner
Best Item: Magic Wand,Dagger,Dagon
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Head admin : S!r^_-BuTche[R]
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